Demonstrate an ability to use empirical evidence (specific examples)

In Week 3 we examined cultural factors associated with the development of a modern, capitalist society, as well as the cultural legacies of these changes on contemporary identities, values, and practices. In Weeks 4 and 5 we will be examining how modern societies developed over time, and the role colonization, slavery, and globalization have played in the process.
Instead of composing an essay for this assignment, complete and submit this worksheet (submit to Week 5’s assignment). Be sure to cite all of your sources (even when paraphrasing!) using ASA citation formatting. Please note that in order to meet the grading criteria for this assignment, you must engage with all of the assigned materials from Weeks 4 and 5 in your response.
In your analysis, be sure to engage with, provide specific examples from, and cite** all of the assigned materials from this week (this includes lectures, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to illustrate your points. Remember, these writing assignments are an opportunity for you to:
Demonstrate you understand the sociological concepts and perspectives examined this week;
Demonstrate an ability to synthesize information from multiple sources to make your claims; and,
Demonstrate an ability to use empirical evidence (specific examples) to support your claims.
Use the grading criteria to guide you as you write, and as always, please feel free to attend the optional discussion sections and/or sign up for office hours to get additional assistance.

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