Define your deliverables and success criteria

a digital platform where people are invited to submit/send their ideas or proposals related to community and youth initiatives. The approved idea should be implemented by volunteer teams.
This project proposal should have the followings:
1- Executive summary and background
2- The problem or the challenges ( what is the problem that we are trying to tackle?)
3- Proposed Concept
4- Mapped Emirates Foundation Strategy Pillars. what is the pillar/s related to this project? (ill attached Emirates Foundation Strategy)
5- Objectives
7- Project phases ( initiation steps, planning steps, implementation steps)
8- KPIs that will enable us to measure our progress or success in this project
9- I need a flowchart that shows the steps or the process: relate to slide 16 in the strategy. for example:
a) The e platform is there and the user open the page to submit new idea/proposal. Then he needs to select one of the 3 strategic pillars ( Aware individuals with positive behaviors, or Equipped to respond to adversity, or Coming together in face of challenges) and there will be a drop down box with choices under each of the 3 categories *check slide 16).
b) the user need to identify the elements like : his idea description, what he is trying to solve, objectives, targeted group. other elements can be optional like resources, budget, nominate a volunteering group/s that can implemented the best, ect ( please propose more elements if you can)
c) sign an agreement or a policy where he accept to implement his idea and modify it or even reject it.
d) when he submit the idea, there will be a reference number that he can follow up through incase no one replied back to him within 2-3 weeks.
e) the ideas need to go through filtration, then evaluation then selection.
F) if the proposed idea was approved, then the user will be informed and thanked. His idea will be posted on platform as a volunteering opportunity that can be led and implemented by one of the volunteering groups in the UAE ( please check to have an idea)
J) the volunteering group performance and work quality will be monitored and a close report will be written about it.
10) what is the incentives for the winners or the people who we selected their ideas? it could be a recognition at the end of the year in the organization recognition event, a certificate of appreciation, maybe get prize from one of the partners. please think of more incentives.
so this proposal should have :
Step 1: Define the problem
Step 2: Present your solution
Step 3: Define your deliverables and success criteria
Step 4: State your plan or approach
step 5: Flow chart as mentioned above of the process
Every thing should be aligned with the attached strategy of the organization.
I’m also attaching similar proposals that was approved by the higher management before for your reference and comparison.

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