Define what is meant by “legal impossibility” and “factual impossibility”

Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Chapter 8What is meant by the “Substantial Steps Test” under the Model Penal Code? Why was it created and what was the intent? List and describe the two parts of the Substantial Steps. Give an example of how this test is applied to the actions of a person attempting to commit a criminal offense.
Define what is meant by “legal impossibility” and “factual impossibility” Can both of these defenses function as a defense to an attempted crime? Give an example of each.
Chapter 9Define and describe the term corpus delicti. What does this term mean with regard to the burden of the prosecution? How does corpus delicti affect a criminal prosecution for murder if the body of the victim is not located?
What is meant by the term “felony murder”? Describe the difference between murder and felony murder. What is the specific section in the Texas Penal Code that describes felony murder? What is the punishment for murder and felony murder in the Texas Penal Code?
Requirements: 400+ words   |   .doc file

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