Create five test items using a variety of formats.

For Nursing, Create five test items using a variety of formats. Using a table format, write the item, identify the difficulty level, provide a rationale for choosing the item format, and explain the correct answer.
As faculty develop test questions, they usually consider how difficult a question will be for the students to answer. All tests have some “easy” questions that hopefully, all students will answer correctly, then there should be moderate difficulty questions and some tough questions. The goal is to have a balance of questions that fairly test the content and consider the level of the students. For example, in a beginning nursing course, like “Fundamentals of Nursing, ” most test questions should be pretty straightforward. When the students are getting ready to graduate and take NCLEX, most test questions should be tricky. Difficulty levels are determined by the level of verbs used in Bloom’s taxonomy and the percentage of students who get the question right. Sometimes, the difficulty level is not determined until after the faculty has analyzed the test question results several times.
1. Test items are written clearly. Test items are written using principles of item writing as described in course texts
2. Level of difficulty identified
3. The rationale for item format (type) is provided
4. The rationale for the correct answer. Feedback provided to the student is appropriate and includes evidence-based information about both correct and incorrect choices
5. Format and style is professional, scholarly, at an appropriate level for students Language use minimizes bias, references are provided, no spelling or grammatical errors

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