Create a PowerPoint presentation discussing the topic of supervising public employees and motivation.

Supervising Public Employees: Challenges
Imagine that you are a manager in a local government agency. Your office is tasked with a new long-term project and you feel that you don’t have the adequate personnel on your team to handle the new responsibilities. You meet with your team and everyone hopes that someone new can be hired to take on this new project. But you know that there have been budget constraints in your agency, and no new funding has become available. In terms of government agencies, Cohen, Eimicke, and Heikkila (2013, p. 47) state, “Hiring the right person for a government job is usually an extremely complex and difficult task.” They describe the bureaucracy involved in getting approvals to hire someone, stating that “most public personnel management takes place in a highly regulated or unionized environment” (Cohen, Eimicke, & Heikkila, 2013, p.48).
An important challenge of human resource management is, of course, recruiting qualified staff. Job postings can often be responded to by hundreds of applicants. Many of these will be qualified; many will not be qualified. When considering recruiting staff for a public agency or nonprofit organization, the fit between a candidate, the work, and the organization is of significant importance. But finding the right person is only part of the task of recruitment, and public agencies, as mentioned above, can have important bureaucratic challenges that can feel encumbering when seeking to hire new staff. Thus, the processes that are required before hiring someone (including, sometimes, obtaining new budgetary approval), are important considerations as a public administrator.
On another note, job candidates for, and employees serving in, the public sector may have motivations that differ from those outside this sector. While everyone has different reasons for performing the job that they do, the motivation for those in public sector employment may include job security, benefits, or an interest in public service. Related to this, as Perry and Christensen (2015, p.363) explain, job candidates, in their interviews, can be asked about how they ‘fit’ with the organization’s values, or the job’s importance can be emphasized to job candidates.
As Rainey and Cook (2014, p.263) state, motivation in work refers to someone’s desire to work well and work hard, and the persistence and excitement they feel in their work. As a public administrator, you will interact with employees, and quite possibly manage one or many. Similar to the need to recruit the right personnel, staying in tune with what motivates your staff is important to help them succeed and enjoy their work.
Returning to the fictional committee made up of department heads you are a part of in the city government in which you live (or another city, if you wish), this week you have been asked to conduct research on motivating and supervising employees. Specifically, you have been asked to develop for, and present a short PowerPoint presentation to, your department head colleagues on this topic because there has been some worry that staff are feeling unmotivated. Your colleagues wonder if supervision practices need some re-working in the offices of the city government you serve. Your department head colleagues are looking to you again to help them. To complete this task, you have decided to use some of the course materials from this week and last week. Using these sources, analyze the topic of supervising public employees and motivation.
Create a PowerPoint presentation discussing the topic of supervising public employees and motivation.
Include Speaker Notes on each slide with a minimum of 150 words.

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