Create a deployment plan for the 4-hour event to be presented to the police chief.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.ContentImagine you are the commander of the police field operations bureau in which you are responsible for 30 police officers who will provide security for a community function. The community is roughly 150,000 in population, mainly a mix of working and middle class, with the primary religion being Christianity. The community function is the Dogwood Festival honoring Easter. This festival occurs following sunrise Easter services and tracks through a middle-class neighborhood over a mile-long winding road. The residents have planted hundreds of dogwood trees, which will be in bloom. The mayor and city commission will lead the parade of citizens, with hundreds of vehicles, through the “Trail of Dogwoods.” This is a tradition in this strongly religious community and has been practiced for more than 50 years. Several threats have been made on social media regarding this event. The regional joint terrorism task force has acknowledged that the threats are credible but unlikely. The threats originate from several anti-religious groups not known to be present in the area. You have been tasked to develop a deployment plan for this event. The plan consists of 3 parts: deployment plan proposal, press release, and handout. Create a deployment plan for the 4-hour event to be presented to the police chief. Include the deployment of officers in terms of foot, bicycle, motorcycle, patrol car, and use of a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
Address security issues you identify along with mitigation of each issue.
Present your proposal to the police chief in a format using no more than 3 pages, double-spacing, and 12 Arial font or equivalent. Bullet formatting is acceptable.
Prepare a press release for the media about the plans to protect the event without revealing any sensitive law enforcement items. Format your press release using the following guidelines: No more than 1 page
16 font Arial or equivalent
Develop a handout for the participants involved in the event. Specify the rules and safety measures participants must be aware of and undertake. Format your handout using the following guidelines: 1 page
18 font Arial or equivalent
Cite at least 2 outside references to support your assignment. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
Requirements: 1400   |   .doc file

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