Create a cinematic virtual reality experience for playback on the Oculus Go or Quest.

Horror theme
Vanishing Lives
Mainly about what was a very lively home plain flickering, what was very lively, suddenly all the people disappeared, very silent, the lights flicker and fade, and finally only the puppy is left. Will use Insta360 Pro
Pitch an idea for a VR film:
Create a cinematic virtual reality experience for playback on the Oculus Go or Quest. The experience must be at least 2 minutes in length but no longer than 8. The length should be appropriate to the experience. Cinematic knowledge of story structure, character, and conceptual premise must be evinced in all phases. Sound, image, and conceptual ambition will all be taken into consideration.
The project may be any genre or hybrid. Narrative, experimental, documentary, and interactive.
Your pitch deck must include:
Working title
A clear concept statement with an articulate intent
A statement on the experience (why is this VR?)
A rough outline of the story (Is this feasible for the time available in the quarter?)
How you will use audio to drive the experience.
What camera will you use? (Kandao Obsidian, Insta360 Pro)
Visuals that convey the mood of your film.
You may work individually or in a group. Each person in the group should have clear roles that will engage them with each phase of the production. ( No “I’m the camera guy. See you on set.” or “I’ll edit it. Let me know when it’s in the can.”)
If you elect to work in groups your project proposal must clearly indicate the roles and responsibilities of each student involved through the presentation of a team charter and collaborative roadmap. The work generated from each of these production roles must be thoroughly documented and submitted for evaluation in each phase of the production so as to allow for four distinct assessment opportunities.
Submit your pitch deck via this portal as a PDF document. Clearly note who is on your team if working in a group.
(See rubrics)

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