Conduct a health history and functional, social, and mental status assessment on an older adult living in the community.

The purpose of this assignment is to validate students’ skills in conducting a comprehensive gerontological nursing health assessment and implementation of an evidence-based plan of care.
Conduct a health history and functional, social, and mental status assessment on an older adult living in the community.
This is not a full physical exam.
Include the subjective review of systems to see what the patient reports and body systems function.
Especially consider aging changes, safety concerns, and issues for each system, including a look at the living environment.
Do not use a patient from your work site. The older adult may be a neighbor, family member, or a friend that lives in the community. You will need to interact VIRTUALLY with them. This assessment is an assignment is worth 20 points (20% of the final course grade). This needs to be submitted by 11:59 PM on Sunday in Week 3.
As a practice experience you will meet these objectives:
Practice effective communication skills to gather client information for a comprehensive gerontological nursing assessment.
Demonstrate effective use of geriatric assessment tools to provide data regarding geriatric issues or syndromes.
Complete a review of systems health history including all systems, medications, and health promotion data for older adult clients.
Analyze the assessment data to develop priority care needs to optimize the older adult’s health quality and outcomes; include evidenced-based nursing interventions.
DUE to COVID-19, this assessment must be done following all physical distancing guidelines. You may not do face-to-face interviews unless this older adult already lives in your personal residence. Use FaceTime, Skype, or ZOOM . (Links to an external site.)The older adult population is listed as high risk and very vulnerable to this virus and may have poor outcomes. See CDC guidelines for older adults. (Links to an external site.)
Introduce yourself to the older adult, and explain the purpose of the interview/assessments – a class project and that you will share the information obtained with your teacher.
Tell the older adult that you will not identify him/her by name. Do not use names in your written assessment. Initials only.
Conduct interview/assessment using CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and older adults.
See the template to help you organize the paper and include the required components of this assignment.
Use the assessment form provided to gather your data but then incorporate it in your paper.
No need to submit the assessment form as it is your working document only.
Remember that review of systems is the subjective assessment of body systems and not a physical exam.
Use any additional geriatric assessments from the textbook or ConsultgeriRN (Links to an external site.)that your interview indicates.
For example: if a patient has had falls, add a fall assessment to your assessment.
Analyze findings and, based on your collection of subjective data, develop a comprehensive nursing care plan that includes:
2 nursing priorities/diagnoses
1 or 2 goals for each diagnosis. Remember to write SMART goals (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)Develop 4 or more appropriate and evidenced-based interventions for each priority, being sure that they are individualized and specific to this patient. Be sure that they are developed to help the patient reach goal attainment.
How you will evaluate your goal(s)
Avoid medical diagnoses and use nursing priorities that relate to health problems.
This does not have to be in the form of NANDA nursing diagnoses, but these will be acceptable.
For example, your patient is underweight and BMI. You can use Nutrition less than body requirements or state this as inadequate nutrition to maintain an appropriate weight and essential nutrients.
Be sure your interventions are specific and individualized for this patient.

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