comparative analysis of how the policy response to covid-19 was considering social justice vs adopting class-based policy response

The paper is limited to a comparative analysis of how the policy response to covid-19 was considering social justice vs adopting class-based policy response and prioritize those who have over the poor and the most vulnerable. The comparison is between two Arab regions: Arab Mashreq countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria) and Gulf Countries (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain). Below is the abstract with more details on the scope.
(The writing should be intellectual and provides examples of statistics and context from the mentioned countries to support the argument. Also, the content has to be organized by titles/themes and sub-titles).
This paper provides a critical overview on the patterns of health and socioeconomic policy responses in the Arab Mashreq and the GCC countries, from a social justice perspective. In the Arab Mashreq, the economic response favored support for big businesses, while similar resources were not injected into small and medium-sized enterprises, which were strongly affected during the pandemic and had a lot to lose. In addition, instead of prioritizing the needs of the poor and the most vulnerable, policy responses in relation to social protection remained almost absent. The same stratification was present in the response to health policies, taking into consideration that high-quality treatment was associated with the upper class. Even vaccination, especially in the early stages, became a class-based entitlement, and there were few efforts to rapidly boost the fragile health sector for the poor. Noting however, that in the Arab Gulf, this disparity in the policy responses in the health sector did not exist, since in general the Gulf countries provided high-quality health care to all and were quick to offer free vaccination for all. Moreover, the policy response in terms of economic support was comprehensive and did not exclude small and medium-sized enterprises. However, there was a set of economic austerity measures that undermined the social justice philosophy in the patterns of policy response in the Gulf. These measures were significantly directed towards the expatriate population by reducing the number of workers or cutting salaries and privileges.
While examining the health and socioeconomic policy responses in both regions, a contextual analysis will be provided with the aim of drawing a full picture of the structural factors that represent pressing determinants shaping different typologies of policy response in both regions.

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