Briefly describe King’s context and motivation for writing the letter

This assignment has two parts: 1) Provide your introduction to the class, and 2) Discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter.
I will do Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2. Dr. King (150 words minimum) – In the Ethics textbook.smartbook* read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”. Briefly describe King’s context and motivation for writing the letter and discuss the difference between just and unjust laws as outlined by Dr. King. With King as your reference, describe and define just, unjust laws, and the distinction between them in your own words. Include a quote from the portion of the letter that you determined best characterized just and unjust laws. Provide in-text citation(s), where appropriate.
*In essays, always refer to the textbook either by title — The Moral Compass — or by authors and publication date — (Manias and Monroe 2020) or Manias and Monroe (2020). Do not say things like “In the textbook…” or “The textbook…” In other words, always treat the text like any other source in MLA style.

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