brief description

There are three parts of the paper that I need help with
Part 1: brief description:
I wrote a brief description about my project but I need it to be fixed so it looks more professional (rephrase)
Part 2: components:
I wrote about some of the component that I’ll use in my project with a short discerption about it
But I want it to be rewritten so it doesn’t contain any plagiarism and it’s more descriptive(longer) references are required
Main part
I would like very short paragraph “in general” about each feature listed
Part 3: features:
The glasses I’m making has the following features:
1. Object detection :the glasses can detect any object the blind about to crash into
2. Object recognition : it can recognize the objects
3. Text to speech: it converts any written text into audio even at night
4. Gesture detection
5. Navigation : the glasses gives directions to the blind people for the location they want to go to

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