Analyze the root cause(s) of the low customer satisfaction

In this Assignment, you will integrate your systems thinking and management skills and you will prepare an organizational improvement plan based on your analysis of a case study. With this case in mind, this week you will put yourself in the shoes of a paid consultant and perform a thoughtful systems analysis. Then, based on that analysis, you will write an effective and concise plan that you believe would help improve the performance of the organization.
After reviewing the latest marketing data, Christine Day, senior vice president of administration at Starbucks, is concerned with the company’s performance in meeting customer expectations in the area of customer satisfaction. She is contemplating an annual investment of $40 million to increase the weekly labor hours in the North American stores, but before she makes this recommendation, she wants to better understand the cause of the decrease in customer satisfaction. She calls on your consulting service to investigate the cause of this issue and to recommend improvements. You are selected for this consulting job based on your knowledge of systems thinking. After reviewing the case, you will compile an improvement plan, using the template provided.
The final plan will include two parts plus an executive summary. This week, you will submit Part 1, and next week you will submit Part 2 and your executive summary. As you develop your plan, be sure to include specific examples from the case as well as relevant citations from the Learning Resources, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate academic sources to support your analysis.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Read and review the following case study:
Moon, Y., & Quelch, J. (2018). Starbucks: Delivering customer service. HBS Case 9-504-016. Harvard Business School Publishing.
Refer to the following article:
Braun, W. (2002). The system archetypes. In The systems modeling workbook [Unpublished manuscriipt].
Download the Module 2 Assignment Template. Note: Be sure to keep a copy of your completed Assignment this week, as you will be adding to the same file for your Week 5 Assignment.
By Day 7
Submit Part 1 of your improvement plan, to include the following:
Part 1: Tools for Improvement: Causal Loop Analysis
In Part 1 of your improvement plan (pp. 2–4), you are to analyze the customer service issue identified at Starbucks using causal loop analysis. You should address the following:
Create a robust causal loop diagram to capture the fundamental system behaviors, outcomes, and causes of the customer service issue at Starbucks. The causal loop diagram should identify with one of the common system archetype patterns, as defined in the Braun article. The diagram should describe fundamental system behaviors and outcomes. The diagram itself can be drawn by hand or with software. Tables are not appropriate; it must be in the form of a diagram.
In addition to the diagram, explain why you chose this particular archetype as the best fit for the situation. (Reminder: The concept of systems thinking and its associated tools may not be understood by your audience.)
Analyze the root cause(s) of the low customer satisfaction being experienced by Starbucks. Your analysis should be substantiated by the causal loop analysis, discussing the causal flow of the chosen archetype.

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