analyze a physical board game

For this homework assignment, you need to analyze a physical board game that you have played for the purpose of the assignment. Choose the game carefully – you should play for at least an hour to get a good understanding of the game. You can use the game you wrote about in your gameplay log or you can choose a different game. You do need to play the game and use your direct observations from your own gameplay to help you answer the questions. The writing should show clear thinking in complete sentences (unless otherwise instructed, i.e. lists) and the purpose is to inform, explain, and describe.
You should refer to the assigned readings and your notes from the lectures in answering the questions, but you will be evaluated on applying these concepts to the particulars of your game in your own words.
You may include small screenshots from your gameplay session to help answer questions, but they must be properly cited as originating in the game. You may not use screenshots taken by other people and downloaded from the internet.
Please answer all of the following questions separately. Include the question number and question title between your answers to make evaluation easier. You don’t need to copy the entire question to your assignment. The bolded words are our question title suggestion as well as an indication of what is important.
Important Note: The game that you use for your assignment must have been invented between 1951 and today. You cannot also use UNO, Poker, Monopoly, Connect Four, Twister, Civilization, Betrayal at House of the Hill, The Settlers of Catan, and Dixit.
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