What went well? What didn’t?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Activities:‐ Round 3 and Round 4 decisions
‐ Course Project Milestone
– Enter and save decisions for your company for the rounds scheduled this week.- Review the simulation report before making decisions for each round.- Review the simulation report after each round has processed. What went well? What didn’t?
Grading:You can earn a maximum of 5 stars per round. Stars represent an overall performance evaluation, much like the stars in the Morningstar ratings. One star is issued in CAPSIM for each of the following:‐ Contribution margin over 30%
‐ Zero emergency loan
‐ Satisfy 95% of demand and have less than 90 days of inventory
‐ Increase in stock price over last year
‐ Profit greater than zero
Requirements: There are 10 possible stars in the two competition rounds, so grades are 2 points per star worth up to 20 points plus 30 points for fully participating in these two rounds.   |   .doc file

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