What specific recommendations do you have for Rutherford

please answer the questions 1-5 @ the end of the book.
here are the instructions too please answer these questions as well.
1) Analyze the data in Exhibit 1.20 using the 80% rule we learned in class. As long as you use the 80% rule as a guiding principle, you have flexibility to analyze, break down, or aggregate data (over years and over units) as you see fit (imagine you are an intern at the HR department and they asked you to analyze the data in a meaningful way). Show your calculations.
2) Based on your analysis and your reading of interviews with employees, do you think this case would be dismissed (i.e. no discrimination), would continue as a disparate treatment, or a disparate impact case. What is your conclusion?
3) What specific recommendations do you have for Rutherford based on your conclusion (consider using answers of the group to question 5)?
No more than 2 pages, double-space, 12-point font for ALL answers.

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