Rational Choice Theory and Caruso’s arguments on Free Will Skepticism,

Develop a brief, concise, and clear summary of Caruso’s “Optimism Skeptic” as it relates to free will. Information should be presented holistically, and in a way that draws together the main purpose or takeaway message from each piece of material.
(This section should be between 100-150 words long).
Based on the lecture material on Rational Choice Theory and Caruso’s arguments on Free Will Skepticism, which do you believe is more accurate in explaining criminal behavior? What are the strengths and weaknesses of both frameworks? What two to three consequences that could be seen in the criminal justice system if we abandoned the idea that individuals possess free will? How might restructuring the CJS to have a Free Will Skepticism mentality impact punishment techniques and how justice-involved individuals are treated or handled? (This section should be between 300-400 words).
Questions: Pose three to four open-ended question groups, or areas of critical challenge to the main ideas proposed by Caruso. These questions and challenges should be multifaceted and promote critical thinking, theory extension, and practical application.
https://youtu.be/rfOMqehl-ZA Video

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