what was the typical life of an enslaved African girl-child like through adulthood?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.AFR319 Writing Assessment IIStudent Name : _________________________Instructions: Answer the following questions based on the notes you have taken in class. Write legibly and answer all questions adequately. Try not to spend more than 10 minutes answering any question as this exercise is geared towards understanding your range of writing abilities rather than perfection. 1. What was the role played by African natives in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and why did this trade in human beings flourish very quickly? In your opinion, could African chiefs and leaders have resisted or prevented the European imperial powers from trading in African slaves? More contemporarily, do you think African diaspora communities hold resentments against the descendants of Africans who played roles in the selling off their ancestors?2. Describe the earliest recorded labor system that ‘unfree’ Blacks worked under in Colonial North America (1620s-1670s). How was this system different from chattel slavery and did most Africans regain their freedoms under this system?3.What were some of the economic reasons for the transition to a slave-enforced system of production in Colonial North America. Here in New York City in 2021, can you think of any labor system that resembles that of chattel slavery from the 1850s Colonial North America? Upon what law is that system upheld?4.What were the slave codes and what did these laws seek to do? The slaves codes were a real system of governing the slaves trade. The laws seek to own the profits were govern5. How were the lives of enslaved African women regulated in Colonial North America, or simply, what was the typical life of an enslaved African girl-child like through adulthood? [Page 74]. How prevalent is the idea in contemporary American society that Black women are “tougher” than white women and girls? How do you feel about the treatment of this young black girl, and do you think this treatment from law enforcement could have happened to a young white girl of the same age? Explain your thoughts. [http://cnn.it/3aruO7d]
Requirements: 1 paragraph each   |   .doc file

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