What solution could help patients disclose their status to others?

For this exercise, make answers brief. Just to apply movie to course material. Do not dwell on it.
Discussion Questions
It is important to adhere to medication regimens and take medication until one is cured.
1. Relating to what you saw in the movie, The Rise of Superbugs, give an example when you failed to comply with the doctor’s orders to take all prescribed medications in the right dosage, at the exact time, a given number of times a day, or even failed to finish all prescribed medication.
2. Explain what caused that failure.
3. According to the literature, the following are some of the major determinants of adherence to medication regimens. Supposing you were a public health policymaker, think of ways that could improve patients’ adherence behavior for each of the following issues.
3A. Pill Burden
• Size of pills (the pills are too big to swallow)
• Taste (the pills do not taste good)
• Number of pills (there are too many pills to take in a single dose)
• It is hard to take pills 3 times a day, on time, never miss a dose, etc.
3B. The pills cause side effects like nausea
3C. Access to medication
• The pills are too costly to afford refills
• Have no transportation to and from the clinic (financial constraints)
4. Why would anyone with TB fail to warn others of their infectious nature in order to prevent the spread of the disease? In other words, why do they fail to disclose only to keep this condition confidential?
5. What solution could help patients disclose their status to others?

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