What research and planning activities would be required to develop an effective advertising campaign for your company?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This assignment focuses on the marketing and advertising strategies that a company uses to promote its products, services, and brand. Select a company of your choice. This company will be the focus of not only CLA1, but also your next CLA2 assignment. You may not change companies later in the course. Please be sure to choose a company that genuinely interests you, and perhaps is relatable to your professional experience or desired career path.In a 4 to 6-page, APA-formatted written report, address the following questions:How would your company segment the marketplace and what kind of consumers would constitute its primary target market segments?
What are the elements of the company’s marketing mix, and how would they relate to an advertising campaign? (Answer this question briefly; base it on your examination of the company’s website and your own understanding of its core product offering.)
What aspects of consumer behavior would an advertising executive wish to examine prior to planning an ad campaign for this company’s core product offering? (For example, if the Los Angeles County Museum of Art were on the list of organizations to choose from – it is not – an advertising executive wishing to promote the museum might want to consider how the museum’s target audience spends its free time. What recreational activities does the target audience participate in? What other museums does the target audience visit?)
What research and planning activities would be required to develop an effective advertising campaign for your company? (Please be specific and keep in mind that every advertising campaign has a budget – meaning you cannot simply engage in every kind of activity that exists! Choose your research and planning activities with care – which ones are the most relevant and will be the most insightful?)
What media selection would you recommend to this company, and would you have additional recommendations regarding the timing and frequency of advertising?
You must reference: 3 articles published by major news publications. Document your citations throughout the text of your report; APA-style is the format to use in all papers.Please contact your instructor if you need guidance in finding and selecting articles for your paper.Your papers must include an introduction and a clear thesis, multiple paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Requirements: based on the template

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