“What is Critical Thinking?”

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english question and need guidance to help me learn.1.4: Discussion 1: Meeting of the Minds (RESPOND) – Section 6620From 2022SP-ENGL-124-5057/2022SP-ENGL-124-66201818 unread replies.1818 replies.Original POST due by Thursday, February 3 before 11:59 pmREPLIES due by Monday, February 7 before 11:59 pmWelcome to your first Discussion Forum in English 124. To get the most out of this activity, be sure to carefully follow instructions and to think deeply about what you are writing. In addition, review the Syllabus information on Netiquette and this fantastic handout on Discussion Forum posts and replies. (Links to an external site.)To earn full credit, create posts and replies that demonstrate original critical thinking (Links to an external site.) in response to the directions. In addition, write in full sentences; use standard capitalization and punctuation, and avoid the shortcuts we make when we text. Think of the forums as a gym for your brain, a regular opportunity to strengthen critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.Part I: READ with PurposeRead/reread Sean Blanda’s “The ‘Other Side’ is not Dumb,” (Links to an external site.) and identify the author’s major claim. Remember, a claim must be controversial, which means there is more than one position (aka, side) on the issue. A claim can be explicit (stated) or implicit (unstated), and you cannot depend on it to be explicitly stated at the end of the introduction. Still fuzzy on claims? A review is next. Chances are good that questions from the review will appear on the quiz at the end of the module.Part II: REVIEW (yep, these will be on the quiz 😉 Make sure you understand what “critical thinking” means by studyingthis page “What is Critical Thinking?”
Make sure you understand what a claim is — be sure to study carefully this page on Claims.
Brush up on the basics by studying this helpful chart, as in this class, you do not want to make the shortcuts you take when texting: Building Capital in Academic Writing.pdf Download Building Capital in Academic Writing.pdf
Part III: POST (aka, write, compose, create) Please number each requirement. (5 points each)Introduce yourself, your major, something unique or interesting about you, your favorite book and/or film/series, and if you like, how you are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic; we are truly STILL in this together. (suggested 3-7 sentences). Include an image that represents “you” — this can be a selfie, a family photo, a friend photo, a photo of you in a place that you love, a photo of your dog. Really, the options are wide-open. The purpose though is that the image illustrates some part of your identity. You may embed the image using the image feature in the tools above, or you may attach it.
Briefly introduce (author’s full name, title of essay, original source–Medium–and date of publication) and summarize (no more than 3-5 sentences) Sean Blanda’s online journal article “The ‘Other Side’ is Not Dumb,” and be sure to include his major claim. Download major claim.Next, consider the ways in which Blanda’s essay clarifies (makes clearer), extends (adds something new to it), and/or complicates (makes more difficult, confusing, or complex) your current understanding of critical thinkingand argument. Choose one to two (1-2) quotes to support/illustrate your response. (fully developed paragraph, approximately 75-100 words)
Have you ever experienced the situation Blanda is describing, either when you considered someone “dumb” because of their position or you were treated as if you were dumb for your own position? If so, what was the issue, and what happened? How do you feel about the experience? How does this experience also relate to your role as a critical-thinker? (fully developed paragraph, approximately 75-100 words)
Part IV: REPLY to Two Peers’ Posts (10 points, 5 points each) Respond to posts 1-3 for two of your peers (5 points each). Begin by introducing yourself establish some common ground with your peer. In addition, 1-2 sentences are rarely enough; put a lot of thought into your engagement with your peers. This is how we build on our ideas and authentically learn from each other.Some ideas? For #1, comment on your peer’s mini-bio and/or image, perhaps empathize with your peer’s COVID-19 experience, and maybe compare it to yours. For #2, compare and comment on your responses to Blanda’s argument and his major claim; and for #3, compare your situations and consider what you both learned from the experience. Please let our CREED (Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Empowerment, and Dignity) guide your engagement with your peers. And have fun! Search entries or author
Requirements: does not matter

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