present your argument for the likely adoption of this product by consumers

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Task:Visit Sienna Sauce’s (Links to an external site.) website and social media platforms, exploring their current product offerings and information about the company (e.g., Read the “About” tab), as well as watch this short video that describes the impetus for their company and their pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank. Word count at least 750 wordsAnswer all these Sienna Sauce Company Questions: Product Analysis: Analyze Sienna Sauce’s existing product decisions, making your argument for whether Sienna Sauce has created value with their current products – meaning that they have generated benefits for the consumers above and beyond the cost. You can and should analyze product decisions such as their attributes, branding, packaging, labeling, augmented services, product lines/mix decisions, etc. If you believe they have created value, why? If not, why not?
Product Improvement Recommendations: Taking in to account your response for Q1, discuss individual product decision improvement recommendations you feel would make this product stand out in the competitive bottled sauce market, and to ultimately build your product and your brand. Consider recommendations regarding the product itself (attributes), branding, packaging, labeling, and support services, supporting your recommendations with your rationale.
New Product Strategy & Idea Generation: Sienna Sauce is looking to expand their product line and mix in order to grow and meet diverse and evolving customer needs. You are hired as a consultant for the new product’s development. Outline your new product strategy (target market, objective(s), and characteristics you’d like your products to have). Then, brainstorm ideas for multiple new products, generating both product line ideas as well as product mix ideas. (Go wild, y’all – generate as many ideas as you can!)
Idea Screening & Selection: Selecting the idea from Question 3 that you believe is the most “real,” “winnable” and “worth doing”, develop its concept in greater depth and provide your argument for why you believe this is the best idea to move forward with, considering the likely R-W-W.
Likelihood of Adoption Success & Recommendations: Using your idea from Question 4, supposing Sienna Sauce was going to put your product idea into production, present your argument for the likely adoption of this product by consumers by utilizing and applying the pre-requisites for successful new product adoption to your idea, making any needed recommendations for Sienna Sauce as to how they could improve the likely adoption.
Requirements: at least 750 words

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