Is Buddhism a religion, a philosophy, or both?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Please discuss the following prompt:Is Buddhism a religion, a philosophy, or both? Explain your thoughts using supporting evidenceRubricMini Essay Rubric with GuideMini Essay Rubric with GuideCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEngagementThis judges your ability to answer the prompt. It not only includes content, but also ensures you adhere to the length requirements7 ptsFull MarksFull marks have been achieved. You have clearly answered the prompt fully and reached the word length requirement.6.09 ptsVery GoodThis answered the prompt, but only superficially. More depth is required. This may have also been short of the required word length.5.18 ptsGoodThis doesn’t really address the prompt fully, and/or does not meet the word length requirements. More is required.4.27 ptsSatisfactoryDoes not really address the prompt, and is significantly short of the word length requirements.3.36 ptsFailFails to address the prompt in any meaningful way.0 ptsNo Marks7 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeKnowledgeThis judges your ability to understand the greater issues at play within the prompt. It not only includes understanding, but also examines how these themes relate to larger themes in the class or in the world.6 ptsExcellentFull marks have been achieved. You have clearly understand and have addressed the issues at play.5.22 ptsVery GoodThis shows a pretty good understanding of the material, but some points were confused or unclear.4.44 ptsGoodThere were some significant parts that demonstrated a lack of understanding or were unclear.3.66 ptsSatisfactoryDoes not really understand or address the issues at play, but does touch on some of the themes raised in class.2.88 ptsFailFails to understand the issues in any meaningful way.0 ptsNo Marks6 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical AnalysisThis judges your ability to critically analyze the issues in a meaningful way. It shows your ability to think for yourself, and support your claims with evidence.7 ptsExcellentFull marks have been achieved. You have clearly demonstrated you critical analysis of the material by digesting the material and using original thought to explain your understanding.6.09 ptsVery GoodThis shows a some strong critical analysis, but has relied too heavily on other’s ideas and opinions, without contributing much of your own thinking.5.18 ptsGoodMuch of your ideas were lost, but instead only relied on opinions of others to do the thinking for you. It tends to be only a series of quotes and cited material, without your voice entering into the picture.4.27 ptsSatisfactoryDoes not really provide much critical analysis either from others or yourself.3.36 ptsFailFails to provide any sort of analysis at all.0 ptsNo Marks7 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearchThis judges your ability to research your material. You should have at least one external peer reviewed source, and one text we have used for class4 ptsExcellentFull marks have been achieved. You have not only met, but exceeded the requirements for finding and utilizing peer reviewed sources relevant to the issues.3.48 ptsVery GoodThis was very good. You have met the minimum requirements for finding peer reviewed sources relevant to the issues.2.96 ptsGoodThis does not meet the required number of peer reviewed sources, but does have at least some.2.44 ptsSatisfactoryThis has sources, but they are not peer reviewed or not relevant to the issues.0 ptsIncompleteFails to provide any meaningful research at all.4 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStructure/Flow/GrammarThis judges your ability to organize your thoughts in your essay in a clear and well structured manner. It also demonstrates a writing style that complements the information you are trying to portray.3 ptsExcellentFull marks have been achieved. Your writing is clear and easy to follow from point to point. Is structured well, with no/very few grammatical mistakes, and flows nicely from start to finish.2.61 ptsVery GoodThis was very good, but had a number of grammatical mistakes and/or issues with flow. Be sure to look at my writing tips for things to avoid.2.22 ptsGoodThis had significant grammar and/or structural issues. The points were difficult to follow and seemed to lack flow from one point to another.1.83 ptsSatisfactorySome structure but hard to follow1.44 ptsFailNot really structured at all and/or very difficult to read.0 ptsNo Marks3 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCitationThis judges your ability to properly cite your research and resources. I require the use of Chicago (CMS) style. I have provided a resource through my writing tip about how to use the style of citation.3 ptsExcellentFull marks have been achieved. You have citied everything perfectly.2.61 ptsVery GoodThis was close, but there was some inconsistency in your citations. Sometimes you got it, and sometimes you didn’t.2.22 ptsGoodThis was good, but you are likely missing some information in your footnotes/bibliography.1.83 ptsSatisfactoryThis means your are probably confusing Chicago style with other styles, or you have used Chicago style, but forgot a bibliography.1.44 ptsFailSimply did not use Chicago style at all. You may have used another style perfectly, but that is not what I require.0 ptsIncompleteFailed to use any footnotes and/or bibliography at all through your essay, neglecting to properly cite any information.3 ptsTotal Points: 30
Requirements: 1000

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