Identifies the current organizational structure type

This assignment is intended to help you learn to compare organizational structures to identify and recommend an appropriate organizational structure.
Ohioana Department of Development
The Ohioana Department of Development (ODOD) administers a wide variety of programs to promote economic development, facilitate business growth, and create and retain jobs. The Department uses a combination of state and federal funds, tax incentives, and collaborates with other state agencies to accomplish these goals. ODOD fulfills its mission through five program divisions, and its central administrative offices. The five program divisions are
Strategic Business Investment
Urban Development
Global Markets
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Technology and Innovation
ODOD has a total of 464 full‐ and part‐time employees.
The information this paragraph, with slight modifications, was taken from the LSC Greenbook: Analysis of the Enacted Budget – Department of Development by Brian Hoffmeister, July 2009.
The Governor of Ohioana is an unhappy with the performance of ODOD. She thinks the Department is too slow to make decisions and to respond to the needs of businesses, particularly in the fast-paced areas of technology and energy. The Governor thinks that businesses seeking information and assistance too often get passed around from division to division to address different needs. This creates delays, confusion, and frustration among individuals and businesses seeking assistance. She also thinks that ODOD personnel are too isolated within the capital city, Cowtown, and do not understand the unique needs of the five unique regions of the State – Central Urban, Eastern Rural Plains, Northern Lake, Southern Appalachia, and Western Breadbasket. As a result, she thinks that Ohioana is losing out on opportunities to attract new businesses and to grow jobs in the state, particularly in fast-paced areas, such as technology and energy, that will be the areas of future economic growth if the state can attract and grow such businesses.
The Governor is seeking a recommendation from you regarding how to address these issues and improve the organizational performance by changing the organizational structure.
A graphic showing the organizational (pyramid) structure of the Ohioana area. The Director is on top, and oversees the Special Assistant, Communications (mission: coordinate media, legislative and public relations activities), Assistant Director, Operations (mission: oversee central administration functions for the agency), Deputy Director Strategic Business Investment, Deputy Director Urban Development, Deputy Director Global Markets, Deputy Director Entrepreneurship and Small Business, and Deputy Director Technology and Innovation. The Deputy Director of Strategic Business Investment oversees the Business Finance Section (mission: help new or expanding businesses arrange financing), Business Research Section (mission: collect, analyze, and distribute statistical data), and the Business Outreach Section (mission: develop contacts with potential new investors). The Deputy Director or Urban Development oversees the Urban Finance Section (mission: help urban communities arrange financing for economic development projects), Urban Incentives Section (mission: provide technical assistance to urban communities on tax and other financial incentives to attract small businesses), and Urban Programs Section (mission: provide assistance with finding and applying for urban development programs). The Deputy Director of Global Markets oversees the following managers: Financial Section (mission: provide technical assistance for businesses looking to increase exports), Marketing Section (mission: market state to foreign investors), and Exports Section (mission: cultivate international relationships and export opportunities). The Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship and Small Business oversees the Entrepreneurship Section (mission: help grow small businesses in the state), Development Section (mission: provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses), and the Training Section (mission: design and coordinate training programs). The Deputy Director of Technology and Innovation oversees the Technical Assistance Section (mission: provide business assistance implementing new technologies), Partnership & Investment Section (mission: identify businesses to invest in new technology areas), and the Research Section (mission: research and disseminate information about new technologies). All Sections the Deputy Director oversees has its own manager.
Action Items
Write a 3-4 page memo to the Governor that:
Clarifies the current situation:
Identifies the current organizational structure type
Identifies the characteristics that define the organizational type
Explains how the current type contributes to the problems identified by the Governor.
Then make a recommendation for a new structure. In doing so, you should:
Identify the type of structure you are recommending.
Explain why the new structure will address the issues identified by the Governor
Provide a visible representation of the new structure in an organizational chart – For an example, see Figure 1.
Finally, discuss at least two other factors, outside of the organizational structure, that may need to be addressed (or steps ODOD would need to take) to obtain improvements in the agency’s performance.
Submit the completed first draft of your assignment. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin.
Access your Turnitin report by reviewing your Submission Details for this assignment. Revise your work as needed based on the feedback.
By the due date indicated, re-submit the final version of your work.

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