How will you ensure you are completing each component effectively and efficiently?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.WEEK 5 DQ 1Identify a real-world example of a completed project similar to your selected capstone project option. For example, if you chose a grant proposal, identify an example of a completed grant proposal.Discuss the various components of the project and identify one strength and one weakness of the design. Describe design elements of this example that can inform the development of your capstone project.WEEK 5 DQ 2Consider all the components of your chosen capstone project and describe a project design process. How will you ensure you are completing each component effectively and efficiently? Share a preliminary timeline for completion of your capstone project. What challenges might you face and how do you intend to overcome those challenges to finish your project on time?PLEASE:- PLEASE WRITE EACH DQ 1 & 2 ON SEPARATE ( NO HEADING NEEDED BUT LABLE AS DQ 1/2) – minimum of 250 words or more FOR EACH DISSCUSION QUESTION- strong academic writing / APA style 7TH ED – scholarly ( peer review) articles, no older than 5 years (please use in-text citing and HYPERLINK to article to must be in the Reference section.- please be original writing and must answer all parts of question for full credit.Review the “Steps in Secondary Data Analysis” section under “Analysing Data” in The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project, by O’Leary (2020), located on the Sage Publishing website. https://study.sagepub.cToolkit 11: Influencing Policy DevelopmentReview “Toolkit 11: Influencing Policy Development,” located on the Community Tool Box website. “Toolkit 12: Evaluating the Initiative,” located on the Community Tool Box website. “Toolkit 14: Applying for Grants,” located on the Community Tool Box website.
Requirements: 500 WORDS ARE MORE

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