How does Hardin suggest that we can avoid this tragedy from happening?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.You are responsible to answer these questions by reading the 2 essays . The answer should be in an essay form but it should answer all the given questions. No need for intro or conclusionHardin- Excerpts from “The Tragedy of the Commons” Van Vugt- “Averting the Tragedy of the Commons”In this excerpt from Hardin’s foundational article, “The Tragedy of the Commons,” what is “the tragedy of the commons?” What are two examples of this phenomena today? How does Hardin suggest that we can avoid this tragedy from happening? Are there limits to the ability to prevent this tragedy? Why?As Van Vugt points out in his rebuttal article, community resource management projects have not devolved in the ways that Hardin would have imagined common resources would have. What are the four foci of intervention and their core motives and outcomes that Van Vugt identifies as the reasons for successful common resource management? (hint: you need WAY more than the chart)After reading both of these articles, consider the following: absent any other interventions, do you think we can be trusted not to resort to the tragedy of the commons? Why or why not?
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