How do traditional attributes associated with the nursing profession promote effective leadership in the 21st century?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1.Is there a model of leadership that better supports leadership at the point of service? Why? Why not?Discussion:Yes, here we have a model of leadership (tri-model) that more accurately supports leadership in the department of service also, we have some points which can explain the idea of leadership. In this modern era, leadership has become the most important skill which has to adopt by the leaders to lead a community that contains specific skills, wisdom, management, idea, innovation, and constant struggle. The model of leadership contains 3 important pillars i.e. innovative planning, transition, and operations. Successful leadership of professionals (healthcare) is censorious of brawn quality and great blending of care and service. As per definition, a leader is one who leads a community, make decisions, have courage, face challenges, have command over a skill to reduce stress and deal with people, have a better level of understandings with others, keeps himself and others motivated, and never seems busy for others. Always adopts a positive and helping attitude towards others.ReferenceKouzes J.M., Posner B.Z. The Leadership Challenge. 3rd ed. Jossey-Bass; San Francisco, CA, USA: 2002.How could formal leadership training for nurse managers and leaders impact hospitals in terms of saving money related to recruitment, nursing satisfaction, nurse wellness, and retention?
Discussion:The profession of nursing inherits leadership. Nurses perform all the duties of leader while practicing the profession, saving lives, helping mankind, taking important decisions regarding health issues of patients, and performing additional opportunities. Normally nursing leadership skills required advanced or additional care, clinical management, alternative solutions, and operational management with policies. Formal leadership training makes the nurses more focused on transitional care, measurable outcome, life-saving risk assessment, professional communication, teamwork, quality in work, work coordination, implementation of new strategies and policies during the practice of nursing.Hospitals who provide leadership training to their staff can have more skilled staff, they can save their money too, can have the satisfied nursing staff and wellbeing of nurses in all other aspects.ReferenceLaschinger, Heather K. Spence, Nancy Purdy, and Joan Almost. “The impact of leader-member exchange quality, empowerment, and core self-evaluation on nurse manager’s job satisfaction.” JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration 37.5 (2007): 221-229.How do traditional attributes associated with the nursing profession promote effective leadership in the 21st century?
Discussion:In the 21st century not only in the profession of nursing but overall in all the aspects of life traditional attributes are associated with the effective leadership skills of the 21st century. All leaders must have some important qualities to face the challenges that they have to face in the 21st century. Most of the challenges that leaders face in this modern era are lack of resources, nonprofessional attitudes of staff, the traditional method of practice, high pressure to get the maximum value in less time, and maximum reliability from the department they are associated with. Leaders of the 21st century must attain some essential habits to become a successful leader which includes wise and wide vision, humble and effective communicative skills, patience, ability to motivate others and himself too, reliability, consistency, decision making power, stress handling ability, and courage to face all the challenges with open mind and heart.ReferenceNational Research Council. Education for life and work: Developing transferable knowledge and skills in the 21st century. National Academies Press, 2012. REPLY TO THIS IN 1 full paragraph (at least 5 sentences)
Requirements: 1 full paragraph (at least 5 sentences)   |   .doc file

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