Have you ever manufactured a composite material (layup)?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a mechanical engineering question and need guidance to help me learn.Learning Goal: I’m working on a mechanical engineering question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.To kick off our ME182, Introduction to Composites course, please read the following and complete the discussion assignment by 11 PM Friday February 4th (Due date & time):Kaw (2006) Chapter 1
Gay (2014) Chapters 1 & 2
Gibson (2011) Chapter 1
The reading above is found in textbooks posted in Canvas; these are found and can be downloaded using the following links:Mechanics of Composite Materials, Autar K Kaw, 2nd edition
Composite Materials Design and Applications, Daniel Gay, 3rd edition
Principals of Composite Material Mechanics, Ronald F Gibson, 3rd edition
These three authors give slightly different perspectives on an introduction to composite materials. Gay (2014) gives the best description of types of composite materials in terms of physical properties and manufacturing methods. Kaw gives a pretty good overview of composite materials and ends chapter 1 with some thought provoking discussion questions. Gibson gives a brief overview of composite material types and their applications, and then ends the chapter with a review of basic mechanics of materials equations which will be the “meat” of our course.After reading the material, your assignment is to use this Discussion area to introduce yourself to the class and comment on the material you read in the assignment. For example, you can answer:What do you already know about composites?
Have you ever manufactured a composite material (layup)?
What was one thing you found in the reading that you did not know?
Any other comments you care to make.
I will review your Discussion comments prior to our meeting on February 8th .This is a graded Discussion (Assignment) so please post by 11 PM, Friday, February 4th (Due date and time).Thanks.I attached an example from one of the students
Requirements: Fully answers   |   .doc file

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