Explain how you will control page layout with CSS.6.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development question and need guidance to help me learn.You need to prepare a short paper. 3-5 pages. APA format. My website is already done, just need to answer the following questions based on my previous paper and website ( https://moyeshome.com/ ) using the following template as an example.1. Review the page length, content placement, and usability.2. Review the guidelines for user-based and user-controlled navigation systems, and then specify the individual elements of a user-based and user-controlled navigation system for your website.3. Using what you have learned about wireframing, create a sketch or blueprint of the layout of page elements. If possible, use wireframing software.4. Define your website’s color scheme by using a web design template or color- matching software.5. Plan the page layout for your home page and subsidiary pages. Explain how you will control page layout with CSS.6. Create a plan for testing, publishing, and maintaining your website. Include costs and schedules in the plan.7. After completing the final three steps of your design plan, review your design plan using the design plan checklist. After your review, make any necessary additions or edits to your design plan.
Requirements: 1000 words minimum   |   .doc file

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