Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage to your site in your project report

Learning Goal: I’m working on a wordpress project and need guidance to help me learn.*PLEASE Read all instructions*You will do that using AWS ( I will give you a username and password with a balance of 100$ on it, once you are assigned to it, Also, I will provide a video that could help step by step on how to do it.I will attach my project idea ( it is a smartwatch called The Masterpiece and the website depend on it. )Creating Your Secure E-Commerce Infrastructure● Create an AWS EC2 Linux Instance.● Restrict access to your Linux instance(s) by allowing traffic only from GWU IP addresses( and Use AWS EC2 security group as your primary firewall toallow only HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH access via the GW network.● Configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your EC2 administrator account, using GoogleAuthenticator, for example.● Install WordPress on the AWS EC2 linux instance. Create your website using WordPress.● At this point you are ready to customize and secure your e-tailer site:1. Get a Friendly URL (FURL) for your e-tailer site, from a free service such as freenom.com.2. Change your WordPress Admin Login URL for added security.➢ Change your WordPress Administrator Login URL:xxx.etailer.site/wp-admin—> xxx.etailer.site/➢ What are the benefits of this best practice?3. Use two-factor authentication (or Two Step Verification) to login WordPress.4. Enable HTTPS access by installing an SSL certificate. Get a free SSL certificate for youre-tailer site from providers such as cloudflare.com/ssl or letsencrypt.org.For more on HTTPS read why-is-http-not-secure*In a nutshell* Create a simple e-tailer website using WordPress and the web hosting platform provided through AWS. Your site should only be accessible within the GWU internal network. The instructor will provide the configuration details together with the Student Sign-up information. The site should feature at least four pages, including a home page, product page, shopping cart, and contact page. See the guideline on Securing e-tailer site in ANNEX II. ( see the attached 111file)- Ensure that you can demonstrate these features c) Document your E-Commerce presence in a report (3 pages) using the Project Reporting Guideline- Imagine the e-commerce website you built is on the public internet. What are some of the signs that your site has been compromised? Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage to your site in your project report (1 pages) as an addendum to your final report.
Requirements: WordPress website using AWS

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