Discuss similarities and differences, and what effect the differences have

Learning Goal: I’m working on a linguistics question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Find three cases of attributively used adjectives in Text 2, and discuss issues of lexical choice (1) can the adjective be omitted, and if so, what is the effect on the message of the text? (2) come up with one other adjective that could have been used instead while (a) describing the situation in the same way but (b) changing the stance [however subtly] of the message — motivate your answer (3pts; aim for in total 150 words).
Contrast the grammar of the verbs used to describe the dishes in Text 1 and Text 2. Focus on the following properties: the transitivity of the verbs, and who is the subject of the verbs. Discuss similarities and differences, and what effect the differences have (4 pts; aim for 250 words)
Find one case of each of the following in Text 2: a proximal demonstrative determiner, a distal demonstrative determiner, a proximal demonstrative pronoun, and a distal demonstrative pronoun. Discuss the effect of the choice for each level of deixis (i.e., proximal or distal), contrasting it with the other level, as well as with a non-deictic expression such as personal pronouns and definite determiners (4pts, aim for 250 words)
The specific references to dishes or parts of dishes can occur with definite determiners, indefinite determiners, and possessives (among other determiners). Illustrating your answer with cases from Text 2, discuss whether you can determine a pattern in how the writer of Text 2 uses these three kinds of determiners for discursive purposes. Present tentative patterns, and give examples and possible counterexamples. (Ignore the ‘titles’ at the beginning of each paragraph, before the hyphen; they’re not specific references) (This is a hard question – there is no single perfect pattern to be found, but I want you to try to make sense of the patterning; 4pts, aim for 250 words)
No references are necessary beyond to the book and to the lecture notes. Use whichever citation style you like.
Refer to the line numbers in the text when you discuss examples and give a few words context if the reference is ambiguous (e.g., if you want to refer to the first instance of the word and in line 50, you could say and (line 50 in focus and approach).
Requirements: around 900 words

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