Discuss how this material is relevant to education today

Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries project and need a sample draft to help me learn.This Assignment Should
Be at least 3 pages in length, excluding references and cover page.
Be in Times New Roman 12 point font, APA 7 Style
Have paper size A4 with one-inch margins
Discuss how this material is relevant to education today
Connect and enrich your understanding of current issues in Comprehensive School Reform
Independent Research | Reflective PracticeInstructionsThroughout this course, we will learn about the implementation and evaluation of comprehensive school reform. You, and your team, will design a comprehensive school reform (CSR) program based on several components including research in the area. Many of us have previously studied and discussed how leadership is developed, implemented, and evaluated. We know that leadership is contextual: some concepts work well in one context, yet fail in another. So, good leaders continuously engage purposeful effort in developing, implementing, and assessing so that they may grow and improve. The purpose of this assignment is to begin your foundational research into your comprehensive school reform project. If you, and your team, strategize wisely you will review multiple pieces of research related to comprehensive school reform that could provide foundation material for later assignments.Toward that end, you will construct an Independent Research and Reflection paper in which you use the literature to develop a foundation for the team CSR.For this independent research and reflective practice assignment, you will find a minimum of three sources of information that assist in developing your understanding of CSR. Seek out information that discusses what is currently happening in schools: public and/or private and focus on identifying high quality sources of information (utilize academic sources and avoid periodicals, Wikipedia, and other non-refereed sources). You will then compose an articulate case in which you share your perspectives justified with evidence (the sources you identified). Again, I encourage you to meet with your TEAM and decided who will review what resources so you can expand your literature review.
Requirements: 1000

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