Develop a project idea for which you will be seeking funding.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need support to help me learn.Select a real organization that will be your “employer”. This may be your actual employer (providing its mission aligns with the funder’s), a local organization, a university, etc. The key is to remember that your choice of employer MUST be a nonprofit organization. You will be applying for the grant on behalf of your selected organization.
Develop a project idea for which you will be seeking funding. To do so, complete the following:
Research the nonprofit organization you’ve chosen thoroughly.
Research other similar organizations in your geographical area to ensure you aren’t duplicating an existing program.
Make sure your nonprofit organization and your project align with the Franklin Foundation’s (Links to an external site.) mission and vision.
Complete Worksheet 1.1: Proposal Idea Questionnaire.
Use APA for both formatting your document and for the research you completed.
Submit your document by the indicated date..
Wait for your instructor’s feedback and approval of your project before moving to the next component of the final project. This will become your program description in 9A.
Requirements: One

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