determine the ways in which social media promotes social capital in both affluent and under-resourced communities

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The purpose of this assignment is to determine the ways in which social media promotes social capital in both affluent and under-resourced communities.1. Select two non-profit community organizations that attempt to serve the needs of its community, one from a familiar or unfamiliar affluent or well-resourced community, and the other from a familiar or unfamiliar under-resourced or under-served community. Examine the demographics and/or indicators for each community selected. [Some useful resources include the Distressed Community Index (, The United States Prosperity Index (Links to an external site.), and] (Links to an external site.)2. Locate the website for each organization, paying attention to its mission, goals, services provided, funding sources, etc.3. Evaluate all social media platforms used by each selected organization. Download and complete this worksheet I attached, one copy for each organization. (Copy and paste the table if more than five platforms are used by the organization. Delete unused tables if fewer than five platforms are used).4. Post your results by including:The name of the selected communities and a brief overview of the demographics/indicators of each community in the body of your post.
Your uploaded social media evaluations for each community organization selected.
A brief reflection of your findings
Requirements: 2 days   |   .doc file

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