Determine if your state is a deed of trust state or a mortgage state.

Overview: The federal government does have a say in real estate transactions to protect the rights of citizens from unscrupulous people in the real estate industry. But most laws, rules, and regulations regarding real estate, and those people who work in the real estate industry, are controlled at the state level. Foreclosure is one of these areas controlled at the state level found under state statutes. Research the laws in your state and describe the rules regarding property foreclosure.
Please allow extra time in this assignment for the research you will need to do to respond to these checklist items.
Checklist: Follow the outline on judicial foreclosure on pp. 428–429 applied to your specific state laws.
Research the laws in your state (state statutes) and summarize the rules regarding property foreclosure using the text outline specified above.
Determine if your state is a deed of trust state or a mortgage state.
Describe the foreclosure procedure depending on your state.
Respond in a minimum 400–to–600-word paper with additional title and references in current APA format and citation style (see Unit 1 Reading for APA assistance).

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