Describe how the COVID-19 Pandemic influenced patients with mental health disorders and their treatment plans.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health report and need support to help me learn.Describe how the COVID-19 Pandemic influenced patients with mental health disorders and their treatment plans. Use this week’s required readings, recommended readings, the textbook and your own research to develop a PowerPoint presentation describing:An overview of symptoms, risk factors, and prevalence of mental health disease in KSA
Best practices for diagnosis, early identification, and treatment of mental illness in a pandemic
What are the contemporary and future challenges related to the healthcare system management of this mental illness in a pandemic?
Recommendations on how to address these challenges going forward.
Your presentation should meet the following structural requirements:Be12 slides in length, not including the title or reference slides.
Be formatted according to APA writing guidelines.
Provide support for your statements with citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles. These citations should be listed in the Notes section of the slide in which they appear. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but four must be external.
Each slide must provide detailed speaker’s notes to support the slide content. These should be a minimum of 100 words long (per slide) and must be a part of the presentation. The presentation cannot be submitted in PDF format, which does not make notes visible to the instructor. Notes must draw from and cite relevant reference materials.
references :Chapter 2 in Comparative Health Systems
Alghadeer, S. M., Alhossan, A. M, Al-Arifi, M. N., Alrabiah, Z. S., Ali, S. W., Babelghaith, S. D., & Altamimi, M. A. (2018). Prevalence of mental disorders among patients attending primary health care centers in the capital of Saudi Arabia. Neurosciences, 23(3), 238–243.
Alsoqaih, M. I. Elbedour, S. Reed, G., Woodson, K., Ricks, E., & Merrick, J. (2018). School psychology: A case study and needs assessment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Child & Adolescent Health, 11(1), 23–36.
Amjed Abu-G., Clementi, M., Marton, S., Schwarzwald, H., Giwa, E., Hollier, L., & Chapman, S. (2019). Behavioral health service utilization: Trends in utilization within a patient-centered medical home for low-income children and women. Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 8(12), 3983–3989.
Requirements: 12 slides

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