consider my greatest strengths: determination and eagerness for a challenge.

A few things about me to include in the personal statement:
> I think of myself as a life-long learner and I thrive when challenged
> I want both knowledge and power
> Being a full-time student and employee, I have learned how to work under pressure, work when I’m tired, and work when I no longer want to. I am highly confident in my capabilities. I know that when I set my aims high and I can execute on them.
> I have a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies and took a few classes that focus on sociology and psychology which is another field that I was drawn to. I think that my eagerness to understand people and different backgrounds will be a great asset in this field.
> Also, I am currently working at a law firm and I have had first hand experience what the job can look like. Although I understand that law school and the field itself can be tedious, I’m still drawn to the kind of research, analysis, and careful reading that the profession requires. I hope to harness my critical abilities to reach beyond what I have learned thus far and I would love to make a meaningful change in the real world.
For the statement, I would like to focus on what i consider my greatest strengths: determination and eagerness for a challenge.
Additional Info:
A. During high school and college, I maintained a high GPA while working over 30 hours a week as well as being involved in extracurricular activities that can be found on my resume.
B. I have been promoted during each each job experience that I have held during the years.
C. Evaluation of my skills, strengths and qualifications.
a. Leadership potential, persistence, motivation, efficiency, dependability, communication skills…
b. Character – compassionate, ambitious, resilient, positive I have attached a resume that may help write this.
Some of the law schools I’m applying to include: Boston University, Georgetown, George Washington, NYU….
Please contact me for additional information, if needed.
Thank you!

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