Why did you choose the design, layout, text, images?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn.assignment is in the pic. Tips to Build Your BrandYour brand describes who you are in the business world. It combines your personal passions and your professional achievements, and highlights your values, goals, and skills.Prepare a brochure or video designed to showcase your brand. Include specific qualities that make you unique, and key achievements.Consider including these categories:Your mission, values, and goalsAbout Me: briefly describe what makes you uniqueKey achievementsLanguages, International and Cultural ExperiencesTechnological KnowledgeOther Industry ExpertiseLook for a theme to tie the information together. This may be a word or phrase that shapes your life, and also applies to the business world. Examples of themes:AdventureTravelInternational LearningWhat images relate to this theme? Try to balance personal and professional content.Come up with a tag-line: a memorable line that describes the essence of your brand.Use these resources:8 Steps to help you discover your Personal Brand.10 Tips for Building a Personal BrandTip: Stay away from clip art and “silhouette” images – they are usually vague. Avoid trite, over-used words and phrases. Be specific, and descriptive.Think about these questions as you work:Why did you choose the design, layout, text, images?What does this piece convey about you?Why is it the best representation of you in the business world?If you are making a video, include visual images (don’t simply submit a video of yourself talking into the camera). Consider doing a voice-over with PowerPoint slides. You can download free recording software from Screencast-o-matic. (Links to an external site.)Upload your video to YouTube, and submit the link in Canvas.https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/build-your-brandhttps://www.northeastern.edu/graduate/blog/tips-for-building-your-personal-brand/
Requirements: No specific length mentioned. Follow the rubric

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