What is the traumatic stress that is impacting Michael and each of his children?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Michael is a former sergeant in the military whose life changed when 15 years of military service left him with persistent nightmares and flashbacks of the war. His last tour of duty was the most difficult as he watched his longtime friend get killed, while he also got caught in heavy gunfire and was shot as well. He was no longer able to serve due to the injuries he sustained and was honorably discharged. One year after he returned home, the former sergeant and father of two children was now divorced and living with his children in a small trailer in his mother’s backyard. Michael suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has tried to cope with the nightmares and flashbacks with psychotherapy; however, at times, he cannot control his anxiety and directs outbursts toward his children, in which he accuses, blames, and threatens them. The intensity and frequency of these outbursts are increasing. The oldest child who is 9 years old is beginning to act in the classroom and engaging in physical altercations with other children at school. The youngest of the two children (age 4) is beginning to show signs of distress and having behavioral control issues including self-destructive behavior (e.g. cutting), aggression toward older sibling, and sleep disturbances. The following questions must be answered, and responses must be embedded into the body of the case study review essay. What are some of the behavioral problems that were presented in the case study?
Identify and describe the priority behavioral problems affecting Michael and his family.
Trauma-informed practice is a special area of practice addressing the impact of traumatic stress for children and adults. What is the traumatic stress that is impacting Michael and each of his children? Describe.
What are the best practices in clinical intervention for Michael and his family?
Identify the best practice intervention for Michael and his family and describe how this is beneficial for each of them.
Using a cognitive-behavioral approach to treatment for the children, how would you incorporate this approach in family treatment?
Requirements: 2pages

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