What can you GIVE to your faith community in an apprentice program, teaching, ideas.

Read You Lost Me Chapter 6
As you read these disconnections, look at them through the lens of those you know who have left the church as best as possible.
Your job it to think critically as to whether or not Kinnaman is presenting reasonable evidence for his argument.
Read this selection from Apprenticeship with Jesus by Gary Moon. Apprenticeship with Jesus Selection
by Gary Moon
In this he introduces some of the reasons for apprenticeship. Pay attention to the reasons Moon gives for apprenticing.
​Choose ONE of the following to respond to.
1) Give an example and a response of shallowness in a church experience you have seen. Ex. Give a lyric, teaching, etc. that you find to be shallow. You job then is to give a better response, lyric, answer, teaching. It is important when we critique something to be able to offer a better alternative. If we don’t, then we are merely being critical which is not helpful.
2)What can you GIVE to your faith community in an apprentice program, teaching, ideas. Develop a teaching outline, program, or system to begin apprenticeships in your faith community. Be creative.

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