What are the piece’s unique characteristics?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Choose one of the pieces from this unit’s listening.
Pick one that stands out to you and briefly (1-2 sentences) explain why this particular piece “caught your ear.”
What are the piece’s unique characteristics? BE SPECIFIC and use your textbook as your reference! This should be the main part of your mini-essay. This is not opinion – these are facts that you have researched.
Cite your sources (Links to an external site.) – including your textbook. Points deducted for not citing references. You may use MLA format. (Links to an external site.)
Response should be one-two paragraphs. Use full sentences, no abbreviations, and check your spelling for full credit.
Thy Hand, Belinda…When I am laid in earth…With drooping wings (Dido and Aeneas) by Henry Purcell (Links to an external site.)Composer: Henry PurcellAn example of Baroque opera. This is a recitative and aria (Thy Hand, Belinda…When I am Laid in Earth) from Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.The Four Seasons, Spring RV 269 (Links to an external site.)(performed by Fabio Biondi and the Europa Galante)Composer: Antonio VivaldiExample of a concerto by the composer Antonio Vivaldi. This is Spring from The Four Seasons, a set of four violin concertos (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn). Each concerto is a musical depiction of a sonnet (a type of poem), each sonnet describing events during that season (winter chill. summer storms, etc). St. Matthew Passion: Erbarme dich (Links to an external site.) (sung by Damien Guillon – conducted by Philippe Herreweghe)Composer: Johann Sebastian BachExample of an aria (Erbarme dich, mein Gott or Have Mercy, my God). This aria is a part of a larger work: the St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach, which is an example of a sacred oratorio.Cite the book please
Requirements: depends on prompt

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