were these efforts to secure energy resources successful?

According to Keith Fisher, the war against Yugoslavia in the 1990s was all about ensuring Western energy security through the Balkans. Along these lines, at the outset of the Iraq War the critics said that the war effort “was all about ensuring Western energy security,” and, more recently, that the placement of U.S. troops in eastern Syria “was all about ensuring Western energy security.” In general terms, and in your opinion, are these valid arguments? Also, assume that the critics of these wars and conflicts were indeed correct, that U.S. and Western involvement in Eurasian wars were 100% entirely based on Western energy security needs! In your opinion, were these efforts to secure energy resources successful? Any thoughts on this?
Source analysis: Any 2 sources; if you utilize the class reading sources the proper sourcing is provided for you below
Fisher, K. (2002). A Meeting of Blood and Oil: The Balkan factor in Western energy security. http://www.flyingfish.org.uk/articles/balkan/pipelines.htm
In-text reference: (Fisher, 2002).

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