the quality of their labor policies and their implementation.

Report Descriiption
Using the country, topics and bibliography you selected in Module 1, write a 4-5 page and 7 source report on labor conditions (the laws and their implementation). Feel free to add more sources if you need it. The report should ONLY include legislation and government enforcement of those laws (do not the include information about individual company practices).
The report should also discuss implementation of at least one of the issues mentioned in the report. Although many countries have very progressive laws, many fail to have any enforcement mechanisms or the ones they have are not very effective. A report lacking information on enforcement will earn a maximum of 70 percent of the points.
The report should include all elements of a good paper, including an introduction, which should include both a thesis and the specific structure or elements of the report, and a conclusion. The thesis should be a general statement that provides at least one of the following:
A general summary of your content.
Your personal evaluation of the information the performance of the country in terms of the quality of their labor policies and their implementation.
Topics: Child labor laws, minimum wage, right to unionization, workplace safety ((government mandated), Social security (pensions or retirement schemes)

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