Similarly, were the p-zombie to get help from a friendly neighbor, it would smile in appreciation, just as would its duplicate typical human being. Precisely, a p-zombie uses its five innate senses to navigate the world about it as a normal human being is wont to do. The physical workings of a p-zombie’s brain are apparently indistinguishable from the physical workings of a normal human brain (Campbell, Copeland & Deng, 2017). However, the distinguishing factor is that, unlike the human duplicate, a p-zombie glaringly lacks inner experience.
An experience of pain does not accompany its screaming and attempted flight when stabbed, and its smiles are devoid of any feelings of gratitude or pleasure. The p-zombie’s navigation of its surroundings does not utilize any auditory or visual experience of its current environment; the p-zombie twin is merely an intricate automaton mechanically designed to behave as a normal human being would (Brown, 2010). All said, nonetheless, no one believes p-zombies do actually exist, but, unlike square circles, a section of philosophers argue that p-zombies are logically possible.

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