How might you respond to the marketing manager regarding this statement?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1. Read the following scenario. To test how using social media affects life satisfaction, adults are randomly assigned to spend 0 or 30 minutes on social media everyday for a month. One week into the experiment, most millennials in the 0-minute condition quit. The researcher finds that those in the 0-min condition are more satisfied at the end of the month.Identify the threat to internal validity and describe why it is an issue in determining causality from an experiment. 2. What are some of the advantages of secondary data? More specifically, what are the advantages of secondary data over primary data? 3. A bank is planning its promotional material and needs to determine what types of advertising to place across the city. There are three major subdivisions of the city. Section A is the industrial area of the city, built around a factory and most households contain factory workers with school-aged children. Section B contains mainly retirees. Section C is primarily young professionals with no children. The populations of each city section are as follows:Section A has 5,500 peopleSection B has 11,000 peopleSection C has 3,500 peopleHow would you select a stratified sample of 1000 people? That is, how many people from each section would you select? Show your work.4. A researcher is developing a body of knowledge for the development of a formal questionnaire. Part of the process involves conducting four focus groups. Outline an appropriate sampling strategy for generating the focus-group respondents for each of the following scenarios: 1. Information needed is widely known2. Information needed is not widely known5. Ratio and interval scale data can both produce data in which arithmetic means and measures of dispersion can be computed. However, there are several important differences in these two levels of measurement. What are they?6. A woman interested in opening a new rock climbing gym in Seattle wants to perform a competitive analysis by running a survey asking people about their interest and current rock climbing habits. She sends her survey out to 2,000 email addresses and receives a response rate of 3%. The responses indicate a high level of interest in rock climbing and a high willingness to pay for a membership at her new gym. Identify and describe the type of measurement error the owner needs to be aware of. Why is this an issue and how might she be able to fix it? 7. A marketing manager makes the following statement: “Advertising and sales are almost perfectly correlated – when more is spent on advertising, sales go up, and vice-versa. Surely our advertising expenditures are causing sales to rise.” How might you respond to the marketing manager regarding this statement? (Hint: think about our discussion on Kanye West and Adidas’ stock)
Requirements: Just short answer for each question

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