how to assist the families and couples on their esteem being influenced based on these factors.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need support to help me learn.Respond to your peers:1) Main Discussion – Week 10 Contemporary Issues Facing Families The issue I selected from literature is gaming addiction is predicted from family factors. I believe it is a significant issue for couples or families in today’s society because of how accessible it is to children and adolescence. Cultural, social, ethically Boys more than girls seem to play videogames whether its internet based or on a gaming system. According to the article by Pawlowska, B., Potembska, E., & Szymańska, J. (2018), stated in their results of their research, “Boys were significantly more likely to have learning difficulties at school due to playing online games and to lie to their families about the amount of time they had spent playing. Compared to their female counterparts, male participants, were more likely to feel anxious when they did not have access to online games and more often reported that they played games to relieve boredom, boost their mood, compete with others, and experience new sensations. Boys were much more likely than girls to treat online game as a way of escaping from conflicts and loneliness. Gaming made them feel more important, more competent, and stronger than they really were”.A challenge for me in dealing with the contemporary issue of gaming addiction is explaining to the family that the game is not the problem it’s the underlying issue of the child that has not been resolved that is the issue. Explaining to parents or a family that there is something wrong or going on with their child and that their using games as an outlet to cope is the problem. Some parents just don’t want to listen to the fact their child may have a problem and its that problem that affecting the family. They think their child is not the problem and their child’s behavior is fine. Getting through to stubborn parents or those who have a vail over their eyes would be difficult for me.2) Main Discussion-KaBreisha EstersI think an issue not talked about for some families is racism for interracial marriages and biracial children. Racism is still as much an issue in today’s society as it was years ago. Racial identity can set the tone for most interactions between the individual and the world in general. Legally, any one can marry regardless of race. This wasn’t the case for marriages and families years ago. Culturally and socially, there could be similar challenges for couples and families when it comes to this reality. Most may deal with the struggle of blending families due to cultural differences and norms.There are kids being produced from interracial relationships and they grow to deal with similar challenges because of their racial identities. Some even deal with how they identify and find themselves struggling with their identities when it comes to cultural and social interactions with others. This can cause disconnect for a couple/family because it can cause some sort of friction if there isn’t understanding of the racism that can be faced as a result of racial identity. This can be for all included because if its a family dynamic, all will be affected being that the family is one unit. Challenges and communication barriers can arise as a result of the racism being experienced with the family unit and identity. This could be a potential challenge for me as a counselor when it comes to actually assessing the couples and families in terms of if they have accepted this reality themselves. I think being able to identify if the challenge is internal or external for the couples and families would better help me assist them because then I’d know how to move accordingly. I say this because some may be struggling with it internally and this would require me get to the root of the deflecting that it going on and how the blame is being placed on outside factors. External influences could be addressed with knowing how to assist the families and couples on their esteem being influenced based on these factors. It would just require me to know what it causing this concern and how to come with problem-solving strategies.
Requirements: 1 paragraph each with reference   |   .doc file

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