How quality, appropriately applied peer-reviewed articles support your writing within this assignment

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.ESSAY: Write a 10- to 12-page essay. Select a topic that intrigues you from the following list, or suggest your own. If you want to write on a topic not listed here, get your instructor’s approval first.social normsindividualism vs. collectivismsocial exchangehow salience and accessibility influence information processinghow cognitive heuristics influence social judgmentcognitive reappraisallooking-glass selfsocial comparisonself-presentationthe principle of attitude consistencysleeper effectcognitive dissonanceimpression formationattribution biasculture and conformityinformational social influence versus normative social influencesocial power (French and Raven)communal and exchange relationshipsattachment stylealtruismthe social psychological variables that influence helping behavioremotional vs. instrumental aggressionhow the social situation influences aggressionsocial identity and group influencessocial loafinggroup polarization and individual decisionmakingsocial categorizationreducing discriminationstrategies for producing cooperationThe structure of the essay is of your choosing. You may present an argumentative, comparative (compare and contrast), persuasive, reflective, or research easy. This is an upper-division course. This flexibility affords you the opportunity to explore newly acquired concepts and write a paper meaningful to you (e.g., career interests, personal connections).Leverage the writing of the essay to showcase effective communication of social psychological principles and applications relevant to your selected topic.Support discussions (topics and logic) with sound research, evident through the integration of properly applied and cited theory and facts collected from a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal articles.Peer-reviewed articles are vetted for quality and adherence to editorial standards, and published in scholarly journals (such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). This link to the UMGC library provides excellent instruction, support and resources addressing scholarly articles. Use the UMGC library database to find peer-reviewed articles. It is your responsibility to make sure that the journal articles you select are appropriate. If you are unsure about the relevance of your articles, contact your instructor for approval. The five (5) peer-reviewed articles must meet the following criteria:Scholarly – Articles should address an original research study, meta-analyses, summary, editorial or theory.Refereed – Articles must come from peer-reviewed journals found in the UMGC library.Social Psychology Connections– Articles must be relevant to social psychology.Recent – Articles must have been published within the last 10 years.For example, the following would be a relevant peer-reviewed journal article for investigating the influence of emotional intelligence on academic performance:MacCann, C., Jiang, Y., Brown, L. E., Double, K. S., Bucich, M., & Minbashian, A. (2020). Emotional intelligence predicts academic performance: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 146, 150–186. peer-reviewed minimum is just that, a minimum. You are encouraged to explore and to use more than five peer-reviewed resources.This is because your use of scholarly works:expands your exploration of relevant concepts, theories, empirical findings and historical trendsinvites you to implement critical and creative thinkinginspires skeptical inquiry as you approach your topic with the goal of developed information literacyempowers the development, organization, and expression of your understanding of your selected topicThese benefits occur because the peer-reviewed articles will enable you to analyze and discuss your topic from a point of insight and understanding that comes from quality research that represents current knowledge in the field.How quality, appropriately applied peer-reviewed articles support your writing within thisassignment…Number ofquality,appropriate peer-reviewedarticles The points below assume the articles selected and incorporated are relevant and appropriate for the topic discussed within the 10 to 12-page essay.6+ A+ Incorporating and appropriately applying sound empirical support enables the expression of critical, careful thought. Well placed evidence from a variety of scholarly articles will amplify your ability to provide vivid and specific examples.5 A – B+The depth the assignment invites is why five peer-reviewed articles has been set as a minimum. Five foundational, scholarly articles can support central idea development, and the presentation of relevant examples, when the five articles are strategically applied toexpress critical thought and analysis.4 CWhen fewer than five relevant articles are leveraged, it can become difficult to authentically develop the paper’s central idea. This is because the scope of the paper becomes comes constrained by the lacking variety of evidence and examples to draw upon. This in turn can potentially result in lacking support for points discussed, orexcessive reliance on the four articles to carry the discussion forward. 3 or less DWhen the number of peer-reviewed articles leveraged to support this assignment drops below three, it becomes more challenging to fully develop the discussion. Central ideas may remain underdeveloped due to lacking examples or presentation of relevantevidence. In turn, the limited number of scholarly resources make it challenging to establish a critical analysis of the topic covered.In addition to the five peer-reviewed articles, you may also use sources from the Web, your textbook or other books. Magazines and newspapers are generally not acceptable. For instance, Psychology Today would not be a preferred scholarly choice. If you are not sure, ask your instructor.FORMATTING: Structure your paper utilizingAPA style (7th Edition) appropriate for student papers; this includes headings, double-spacing, appropriately sized sans serif or serif fonts (e.g., 12 Times Roman), one-inch margins (left, right, top, and bottom), page numbering, and logical flow from topic to topic. Include a title page and references page(s). The page count requirementexcludes the title page and references.Information and/or quotes from selected sources should be relevant and thoughtfully placed. Consult thePublication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition, forproper form of in-text citations and references.EVALUATION CRITERIA: The following criteria will be considered in the evaluation of your paper. Please review the Applied Final Project Rubric that accompanies the instructions in Assignments for point allocations.1. Accuracy—Are your stated facts or ideas correct?2. Clarity—Is your essay clear and easy to follow? You may want to read your essay out loud to yourself. This will help you catch incomplete sentences or lapses in logic.3. Depth—Are the issues and implications well thought out and explored?4. Originality—What is your thesis (the main point of your essay)? Have you stated your own views and articulated them well? Use your own words. Do not copy material directlyfrom your text or other sources without quotation marks. If you want to use the author’s exact words, put them in quotation marks and cite the page number from your text or other source material. Don’t forget to express your own opinion.5. Supporting evidence—Are your ideas supported with empirical evidence? This is a crucial part of any well-written essay. You may support your ideas with theories, previously conducted research, or other information you encounter in the text and other sources (journal articles and so forth). You may also use personal experiences as supporting evidence when appropriate.6. References—Did you use appropriate references to support the main points of your paper? Be sure you have these references—that is, that you have the articles on hand if you used them, and make sure that your references relate to the point you are making or support your inferences.7. Form, composition, spelling, and so forth—Is your paper neat and error-free? It helps to run spellcheck before submitting your work and to have a colleague or friend read overyour work.8. APA style —Did you follow the formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) for student papers? You may want to visit the UMGC Library Guide to Citing and Writing.RUBRIC: You may access the full grading rubric in the classroom, adjoining the assignment within the Assignment folder. FURTHER DETAILS:General Paper characteristics:Length of paper: 10-12 pages of written content [the title page and the reference pages do not count]Format: Double-space, 1-inch margins all sides, 12-point Times New Roman font, left justified, appropriate indenting, centering, etc. Make sure not to have extra spacing (in Word, under ‘page layout’ and spacing, make sure left, right, top, bottom are set to zero).Do NOT intentionally include additional spaces between paragraphs or on the top of the page.Remember: citing and reference pages need to be in APA style so make sure all the basic information is included.VERY important to watch out for plagiarism and keep in mind that it doesn’t just refer to cut-and-pasting but also to using too much of someone else’s words in your writing. Keep re-reading your paper and if something doesn’t sound like you, it most likely isn’t. Suspected plagiarism will be dealt with according to policy. You also cannot submit a paper you’ve written for another class or include major portions of it for this class. Make sure you do original research on the social psychological topic you select. The psychologydepartment has embedded the use of “Turnitin” to help authenticate work; you will be able to submit as many drafts as you want and can look at the feedback to help you finalize your paper. I will only be grading the FINAL version submitted closest to the deadline. Include a title page which has the title of the paper, your name, course title, my name and term or date. Do not include an ‘abstract’ or any figures or tables for this paper. Start writing your paper right away on page 2 (don’t put your name or add additional wasted lines). Use APA style subheadings as needed and make sure you have logical flow from topic to topic. Conclude your document with reference page(s) at the end (title the page “References” and alphabetically list your references in APA style). Again, keep in mind that the title page and the references do not count toward the 10-12 page limit for content.SUBMIT ONE DOCUMENT. Only acceptable format is a .doc or .docx file (if you must, .rtf is also acceptable). Do *not* password protect & do not submit .pdf or other formats. Submit under “Course Content” and Week 8, under the appropriate Final Project/Paper tab set up for the purpose or if you want to submit early, you can always submit under the blue “Assignments” tab.Total points: 50 points. Worth about 18% of the overall course grade. Due date: By MONDAY 11:59 AM EST (Note: this is different from all other deadlines; it is the second to the last day of class and before noon) of the eighth week of class. NO late papers will be accepted. If you are unsure about the paper getting submitted (always make sure to open the document after you submit) or trouble with the classroom, feel free to also send a copy via email before the deadline.Finally, “write an essay” is a pretty broad undertaking so please consider carefully that this a psychology class and that you should be thinking about making this a research paper of some sort, not conducting a research study but most likely reviewing literature on a topic, come up with some interesting hypotheses, include some application to yourself or real life etc. As stated earlier, the style of the essay can take many forms: argumentative, comparative (compare and contrast), persuasive, reflective etc. Importantly, you want to make sure to have good research backing for your ideas and provide your own unique analysis and stamp to the essay. Always work on provided a good BALANCE between your ideas and supporting scientific ideas and keep in mind that you want this to be appropriate to an upper-level social psychology class.Some specific advice:Look for several good, legitimate and comprehensive references that are relatively current since this will play a large role in the quality and depth of the content. Select a topic from the list and then narrow down to a few questions/hypotheses you think would be interesting to explore. Try not to remain at the lower level of description and move to a higher level of application and analysis.Make sure to choose articles from psychological peer-reviewed journals (Psychology Today and other such newspapers and magazines do *not* count); your best bet is to use the UMGC library since it contains legitimate sources that you do not need to vet yourself.Seek out some journals that have “social psychology” in their titles so that you don’t veer off too much into other areas of psychology.Make sure to be comprehensive in writing about ALL your references without focusing on just one or two; consider that you really need quite a few references for such a long paper.Use your own words as much as you can since it is very natural to over-use words we have read. Do not over-cite and do not under-cite. Balance between these two is key to good writing. Do not wait until the last minute to write this paper; it is a big task and you need to break it down over the eight weeks.Do not simply reiterate what others have said. Make the paper UNIQUE to you. You cannot simply summarize research you find but rather, provide a good balance of your “voice” and your research.Write, re-read, edit, review, re-order, delete, re-write etc. Remember, writing is a process and as such, it takes times to produce a high-quality final product. If you work early, you can utilize the “Turnitin” feature to get feedback that can help you with your final draft.Use the UMGC Writing Center resources to help you. I believe you can even submit a paper early to get some feedback (if you check under the blue “Resources” tab, there is a link to the “Effective Writing Center” so contact them early for details on how they can help – they won’t help with content but could help with organization and presentation).If in doubt regarding any of this, please check with me, and check early. Good luck. I am really looking forward to reading what I expect will be high quality and interesting papers! 
Requirements: 12-13pages

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