How does this drug or substance operate

Below are links to “Mini-Cases” depicting the action of some neuro-active or psychoactive chemical/substance. Depending your GROUP NUMBER (see the “Grades” page) SELECT ONE OF THEM and do the following:
For your INITIAL post (the “first substantive post” described in the Syllabus), write up a brief report that summarizes the following:
1. What drug or substance is likely at work here (there are often several possibilities)? How would you classify it or them?
2. How does this drug or substance operate (is it an agonist? An antagonist? Or something else?) Specifically, how does it/do they
affect the nervous system and/or neurotransmitters?
3. What, if any, potential counteragents could be used to stop this drug or substance’s actions or treat these symptoms? How do these counteragents work?
4. Does this drug or substance do harm in this situation? How, specifically (or, how does it NOT do harm, specifically)?
5. How do the actions of this drug or substance explain the behavior or change in behavior exhibited by this case?

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