How could nurses advocate for an end to oppressive conditions such as poverty and racism?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Select a current example of a population that is oppressed by life
experiences or factors in the environment. Answer the questions below
using the Code of Ethics and at least one other scholarly source. Be
prepared to discuss the findings with the class. Upload responses to the
questions to receive credit. Here is the topicChildren caught in abusive homesanswer the questions below based on the above topicHow can a nurse make sense of the travesty of oppression that causes so much human suffering?
moral obligation do nurses have to prevent human entrapment rather than
just caring for victims of violence? How could nurses advocate for an
end to oppressive conditions such as poverty and racism?
nurses observe an underserved population trapped by one or more of these
external factors, what should be done? How should a nurse begin to
mobilize awareness to address issues entrapping the population being
How does the Code guide the nurse in mobilizing forces to address this social issue?
If nurses ignore forces trapping the population they serve, what is the most likely set of outcomes five years from now?
Requirements: 500 words, two references

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