draw on key concepts and themes in human geography

Based on your field excursion, draw on key concepts and themes in human geography to develop a research paper topic for your Research Project. This assignment will be relatively sufficient (50-200 words).
Follow these steps to develop your research paper topic. Please use the space provided and do not exceed 200 words:
In one sentence, state the research site. Then in one or two sentences, describe the research question or topic about that site that will form the basis of the final research paper. The site should be either the same as the field excursion site or a smaller area within the field excursion.
In one or two sentences, state the theoretical lens (or a combination of theories) that you will use to investigate your research question (e.g., nature-society relations, economic development, public space, gentrification, political geography, globalization, retail geography, de-industrialization, neoliberal urbanization, governance and regulation, etc.)
Don’t worry if you are uncertain as to which theoretical lens to use. Your instructor is here to help! The most important thing is that you carry out a geographical project that interests and challenges you.
For Part A, a field excursion was done in the Glebe business area in Ottawa.
Part B.
The study site is the Lansdowne Park area in Ottawa, which is in the Glebe. The research topic is about the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park that happened starting in 2012 through a partnership with the City of Ottawa and a group of local investors, including owners of the local CFL football team. The research purpose is to investigate the rationale for and the process through which Lansdowne Park was redeveloped. The theoretical lens is neoliberal planning and governance. (73 words)

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