Does the music you listen to or the way you dress signify a certain cultural identity?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing project and need guidance to help me learn.For this essay, you will be required to write a narrative using the ten suggestions for writing a narrative. The final assignment must be 3-4 typed pages and follow MLA guidelines. Here are a few writing prompts to get you started:If asked to describe yourself (or if someone asked your friends and family) in one word or phrase, what would it be? Give examples from your life to prove it!
Think about what cultural forces have shaped you growing up. Where were you raised? How were you raised (in what kind of family)? Did any single event or person significantly affect your identity?
Has your economic or social background played a role in who you are? Can you remember a time or situation when you felt singled-out or included because of these factors?
Does the music you listen to or the way you dress signify a certain cultural identity? How so?
In what ways does the culture at the community college differ from that of a four-year college or high school? Have you noticed a change in your identity now that you attend Harper? This should be a narrative essay about your experiences not an informative essay about community colleges vs. four-year schools, ok?
Our culture has many “ideals of beauty.”< span> Do you find that you are satisfied with the way you look, or do you feel constant pressure to change your appearance to try to “fit in” to cultural representations of beauty? You could also think about this in terms of body image on the whole.
What sets you apart from the rest of your peers? What makes you a unique individual? What is your “You-ness”? (Did I really just type that?)
You MAY (it’s your choice!) want to pick one of the following, less specific, topics to use as evidence to support a narrative thesis:A memorable experience from your early lifeA lesson you learned the hard wayA trip into unfamiliar territoryAn embarrassing moment that taught you somethingA monumental misunderstandingAn unexpected encounterA conflict or contestA story of a struggle you experienced during your school days (and still might experience)Your first day on the jobYour first day at collegeYour first dance/dateReturning to an old neighborhood or playgroundDelivery good (or bad) newsSibling rivalry/ongoing struggles with parents
Requirements: 2 pages   |   .doc file

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